What is healthy hair? and How to get it!

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"Is my hair healthy?" "What is healthy hair?"

"Hair that is moisturized, hair that is strong, thick hair?"


These are often questions I get by my clients.

 Well let me explain.

The cycle of healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Every one of us has blood vessels which supplies nutrition to the follicle and that's what creates and grows healthy hair. Once the hair is out of the scalps surface, the cells in the strand of hair aren’t alive anymore, meaning we cannot get healthy hair by what we put on the hair. We can only prevent damage to this hair that’s already grown out.  It’s more about internal health and scalp health.  

 A healthy scalp.

A healthy scalp growths healthy hair. This is the "root" to nourishing the scalp and creating more stimulation of the tiny blood vessels feeding the follicle of where the hair grows. I recommend using the Amazing Hair Savior. It is an organic scalp oil treatment with activating rosemary extract to stimulate the scalp which grows and strengthens the follicle to anchor in the hair. I recommend at least 6 - 8 weeks of continuous use to begin seeing results. 


Also, you can’t feed the scalp gourmet food and wash it with fast food quality. A staple product that everyone should use in rotation is ICON Energy Shampoo. This detoxifying shampoo will remove any debris or oil from the scalp and hair that could be hindering full hair growth, or shine . The peppermint extracts will bring blood flow while shampooing the hair and energize the scalp. And, the scent is invigorating and refreshing!



Now that we’ve taken care of the scalp we have to move on to what’s grown out. Our hair grows approximately 1/4-1/2 inch a month (6 inches in a year); meaning that hair will be with us for a while. We need to maintain the integrity of this hair.  Over time, things such as heat tools and aggressive colouring can chip away at the healthy cuticle that is wrapped around each strand protecting the inside cortex of the hair.


For fine hair. Fine hair is described as the thickness of the strand not to be mixed up with thin hair that refers to density of the follicles and how close or far apart they are. KMS introduced this year its newest addition Add power line, Thickening Spray to infuse protein in hair that is limp, fine and prone to breakage. Fine hair is more susceptible to damage because it has less cuticle around it and cuticle is what protects the inside of the hair from damage.


For medium to thick hair. Medium to thick hair strands can support something heavier like ICONS Cure Replenishing Spray. This will bring moisture creating shine to the hair. Cure will encourage elasticity which prevents breakage so you don’t get split ends caused by elastic bands or styling.



We all do some form of styling to our hair. Whether it be wearing our natural curls, blow-drying smooth or heat styling with hot tools aiming for that perfect wave or sleekest look. We need high heat tools to get results but I’ve seen these tool destroy hair more than the strongest bleach. This is because we’re doing it so often. At least 1-3 times a week (hopefully not more) we are putting heat to our hair. Using hair products tailored for our hair will create a barrier from the heat to the hair so we don’t melt through the cuticle. KMS Thera Shape 2 in 1 spray is a nice option to spray in the hair before any hot tools. It creates that barrier while holding your shape and style that you’ve created.


There are tons of products and so little time. I’d love to help you. I'm offering a FREE personalized virtual consultation to recommend what products are right to help you achieve having healthy hair! I’m a click away. You can contact me using the blue message us button at the bottom right corner of your screen. Or DM me though Instagram @hairby.cristina.


Beyond hair products; frequent haircuts, drinking lots of water and fueling your body with healthy foods and nutrients will keep your hair happy and healthy!


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Stay Safe