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The SOMA Vitamin C Infused Shower Filter is a 15-stage water filtration system that purifies your shower water by reducing chlorine, heavy metals, odours, and harsh minerals. This product is effective in both hot and cold water and installs within minutes with no tools required at all. It also contains 1 removable filter cartridge that can be easily changed within 4-6 months (based on usage).

Key Benefits:

  • The multi-stage purification revitalizes your hair & skin to its most natural state.
  • It has also helped reduce hair colour fading, dry hair/skin, itchy skin, dandruff, and eczema.
  • It is compatible with most shower types including fixed, rain, and handheld showers.
  • Purification Process: Carbon + KDF + CaSO3 + Ceramic Ball + Alkaline Balls + Mineral Balls + Vitamin C + Tourmaline Balls + PP
  • Calcium Sulfite: Reduces chlorine in shower water.
  • KDF: Helps remove residual chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel, and copper.
  • In seldom cases, you may need an adapter to lengthen the distance between the wall and tap. Please use the contact me form to purchase an adapter.

How to Install:

No professional plumber needed to install the Soma shower filter.

  1. Unscrew your shower hose from the tap
  2. Attach Soma Shower filter to the bottom side of your shower tap
  3. Re- attach your shower hose
  4. Tighten both sides to prevent leakage
  5. Run your shower for 1 minute

Refill Cartridge (sold separately)

  • Each Refill Capsule lasts for up to 10,000 litres of water. We recommend the cartridge being changed every 3-6 months. 

Sizing: 6.2CM W x 16.2CM H

Available Colours: Silver/ Champagne Pink

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